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How to Order a Cocktail December 18, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
How to Order a Cocktail, St. Petersburg, Florida

Ordering cocktails at a restaurant can be confusing, especially when you’re choosing from a selection of house drinks. However, while cocktails may vary in terms of names, the terminology used to describe and customize them remains largely identical. Whether you’d like to show off for your friends or simply enjoy your time out, here are a few useful tips to help you broaden your horizons and your taste buds.

Tips for Ordering a Cocktail

Know the Lingo

Whether you’re ordering a classic martini or a house special, know some of the common phrases used to describe how you’d like your cocktail prepared.

  • “Chilled” and “straight up”: Both terms mean the same thing — you want your drink served cold. You can ask for a drink straight up, or you can request a chilled glass.
  • “Dirty” and “dry”: These terms are used to describe martinis. Asking for a dirty martini means you want more olives and olive juice, while a dry martini uses less vermouth.
  • “Neat” and “on the rocks”: A neat drink is served at room temperature, and a drink served on the rocks is poured on ice.
  • “Double”: A double includes twice the amount of alcohol the drink usually contains. It may not be available for some drinks due to the proportions required for the cocktail.

Don’t Overthink It

cocktailDon’t be unwilling to follow your own tastes. Drink what’s satisfying to you, and try a new drink when the mood strikes. If out with friends, you can have everyone order a different drink and share them — this provides a risk-free way to sample a number of drinks and explore new tastes for future reference.

If you’re really uncertain about what to order, ask a bartender or waiter. They know the drinks their establishment serves, and they know which drinks pair best with certain dishes. If you’re just having fun with friends, then let the waiter know. They make recommendations based on the weather — like a brandy or rum for a cold night — the meal you order, and how adventurous you appear.



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