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What to Expect During Pregnancy December 4, 2019

Suffern, Rockland County
What to Expect During Pregnancy, Suffern, New York

During pregnancy, the body undergoes numerous changes through delivery. The period is divided into three distinct trimesters, during which the fetus grows and changes. Here’s what to expect during pregnancy.

The First Trimester

The first trimester lasts for 13 weeks. During this stage, the fetus begins to grow. The body’s structure slowly develops, and all organs form by the third month. During this time, the mother’s body works hard to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the fetus and placenta. Common symptoms during this period include nausea, exhaustion, swollen breasts, constipation, headaches, and the frequent urge to urinate. Everyone is different, and some women may experience more severe symptoms than others.

The Second Trimester

Suffern, NY pregnancyThe second trimester, from weeks 14 to 26, tends to bring some relief from those unpleasant symptoms. Nausea and exhaustion are less severe, and the mother may feel more energetic. But as the baby grows, it’s common to experience issues like back pain, leg cramps, heartburn, and thigh pain. At this stage, stretch marks may form along with telltale dark spots on the face, often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy.” The doctor will examine the baby’s anatomy, including the heart, kidney, and brain, during this stage.

The Third Trimester

The third trimester, from the 28th week to the 40th, brings unique changes to the body. During this stage, the fetus gains weight, the eyes open, there’s stretching and kicking, and nail growth. The mother will visit the doctor routinely for fetal heart rate checks and uterus measurements. The doctor will examine the cervix to ensure that the mother is prepared to give birth and will check the baby’s position as the due date approaches. Symptoms during this period may include heartburn, shortness of breath, swollen feet and hands, breast tenderness, and hemorrhoids.


Pregnancy is a unique and special time for every mother. If you’re exploring your options and are interested in a home birth, the compassionate staff at Home Birth With Love in Suffern, NY, is committed to creating a special, gentle, and customized plan that meets your personal needs and ensures your comfort. This includes prenatal care, midwife assistance, and even well-woman exams every year. Visit the website to find out more about how they can help you, or call (845) 641-5058 to request an appointment.

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