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How to Prepare Rental Property for the Winter December 2, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Prepare Rental Property for the Winter, Kalispell, Montana

The winters in Montana are severe. While you can look after your home during the colder months because you’re living there, you should prepare your rental property in advance. Falling to prepare the units you rent out—and educate your tenants—could spell disaster once the temperature drops.

3 Steps for Preparing Rental Property for Winter 

1. Close Foundation Vents

Crawl space vents allow air to circulate underneath the floors of homes. This is crucial during the summer months when the wind is humid because moisture buildup will contribute to mold and mildew. During the winter months, the air is much dryer. As such, closing the foundation vents is advised before the temperature drops. This will keep the crawl space warm, thereby preventing the pipes from freezing.

2. Arrange Snow Removal

rental propertyEvery city has requirements for residents when it comes to snow removal. In Kalispell, MT, for example, owners or occupiers are responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of their homes within 72 hours. They must also handle snow removal for all private property, like driveways. Regardless of whether you plan on shoveling or your tenants will take care of it, state your expectations in clear, concise terms in the lease agreement.

3. Establish Thermostat Expectations

Burst pipes are a common problem in cold climates. To prevent extensive water damage in your rental units, make sure tenants agree to set the thermostat to at least 55 degrees before leaving for the holidays. This will ensure the pipes stay warm enough that water continues flowing through them all winter long.


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