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3 Reasons You Need a Container for Demolition Cleanup December 26, 2019

Asheville, Buncombe
3 Reasons You Need a Container for Demolition Cleanup, Asheville, North Carolina

Demolition is a messy business. Though the demolition of a structure is the primary goal, that’s only a small part of the job. The remaining cleanup is where a large part of the work lies. Demolition cleanup is a huge job and can be time-consuming. With the services of a waste management company, you can save both time and money on your next project. Below are three of the top ways a container rental is an asset for demolition cleanup. 

3 Benefits of Containers for Demolition Cleanup

1. Convenience

Waste containers fill up quickly. Depending on the size of your project, this can result in multiple trips to the dump to unload. With waste service management, you don’t have to worry about that. You and your crew can focus solely on filling them up and then can leave the disposal to them. As their services cut out the cost of multiple dump runs, this service also saves you money on dump fees and transport costs.

2. Safety

Demolition CleanupWith a “bottomless” dumpster on the premises, there won’t be as many materials strewn about your worksite. This leads to a safer environment for your crew with fewer potential tripping hazards and dangerous items, such as nails and glass. 

3. Efficiency

Waste management services help to keep your demolition project on track by eliminating time-consuming trips to and from the dump. Same-day container services ensure your project is never slowed or stopped due to full disposal containers. This time saved can make a difference in finishing your project on time or even ahead of schedule. 


Consolidated Waste Services in Asheville, NC, can help with your next demolition cleanup. With a wide selection of roll-off containers ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards to choose from, you can optimize your next project. These waste removal experts will help you establish a customized recycling program for your business. They also provide bilingual labeling services for easy identification. Visit them online to learn more about their selection and services or call them today to get started at (828) 645-0660.

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