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3 Tips for Using a Humidifier in the Winter December 4, 2019

Thomasville, Davidson
3 Tips for Using a Humidifier in the Winter, Thomasville, North Carolina

Many people are uncomfortable with the dry heat coming out of their HVAC during the winter. If you want to even out the moisture content in the air, a humidifier is a popular solution. Here are some tips for making your home cozier while relieving dry skin and irritated nasal passages.

How to Use a Humidifier During the Colder Months 

1. Change the Water Frequently

If you use a portable humidifier in one or more rooms, change the water daily to prevent mold growth that can negatively impact the air quality. Many manufacturers recommend using distilled water to keep the appliance clean and avoid mineral buildup. Follow the user manual to keep the humidifier as hygienic as possible.

2. Clean the Appliance

Many people don’t clean their humidifiers and are surprised to find that this lack of maintenance can make the system malfunction. When purchasing portable humidifiers, choose models that are easy to take apart and sanitize.

HVACUse a bleach and water mixture to wipe everything down to mitigate mold and mildew. There may be mineral deposits built up in the system, particularly if tap water is used. If so, wipe down these areas to break up the debris. Let everything dry before putting it back together.

3. Find the Right Humidity

Too much moisture to counterbalance dry winter air brings its own problems, as the risk of mold growth could spread through the home as well as within a humidifier. The EPA recommends keeping your home’s humidity between 30% and 50%.

An HVAC professional will help find the perfect balance. In the meantime, check the windows and other surfaces for condensation, as this is a common side effect of too much moistness in the air. 


If you’re looking for an HVAC technician to install humidity control, contact Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning in the Triad area and Davidson County, NC. The company has been in business since 1994, offering air quality improvements such as humidity-control thermostats and variable-speed air handlers for the ultimate in comfort and control. Call the Thomasville-area company at (336) 472-5858 or visit the website for information on their free estimates. Mention the website for a $20 service discount. 

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