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3 Tips for Designing Cold-Weather Athletic Wear December 12, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Tips for Designing Cold-Weather Athletic Wear, Manhattan, New York

Sweat helps cool you down by taking away some of your body heat as it evaporates off your skin. However, this happens even when you exercise in cold weather and you sweat from exertion and not heat. Thus, keeping your skin dry in the winter helps regulate your temperature safely, which is why winter athletic gear is so essential. From leggings to wrestling uniforms, spandex fabric is used in nearly every sport, as it's form-fitting, flexible, durable, and moisture-wicking. If you're ready to create your own gear for the winter, consider the following tips.

How to Design Comfortable Athletic Gear for the Winter

1. Create a Base Layer

To wick away moisture, wear a form-fitting base layer that's made from a synthetic material, such as Tactel. This type of spandex fabric is eight times more absorbent than cotton and will keep you from getting cold and clammy. It also has excellent recovery and will retain its shape even after multiple wears.

2. Use Long Sleeves & Pants

spandex fabricLong sleeves and pants that absorb moisture will keep your whole body dry and warm. This extra coverage will also protect against windburn, which can make your skin red, dry, and tender—similar to a sunburn.

3. Keep Your Ears & Head Warm

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t lose 80% of their body heat through their head. However, you'll still be uncomfortable if you don't wear a hat or cover your ears when you're outside in the cold. When you're designing a hat or headband, you'll want to look for a material that's moisture-wicking and breathable. Tactel is a great option once again, but you can also try Lycra, which is another spandex fabric.


Since quality athletic wear needs to have a specific fit to work effectively, it makes sense to design the attire yourself instead of buying it at the store. Spandex House, Inc. in Midtown Manhattan has everything you need to get started on winter clothes that’ll keep your whole family warm this season. To learn more about the types of spandex fabric that’ll work best for leggings, athletic shirts, hats, and headbands, visit them online. You can also call (212) 354-6711 to request free fabric samples.