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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter December 3, 2019

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How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter, Thomasville, North Carolina

Plumbing systems are often vulnerable to winter weather. The last thing you want to deal with on a particularly cold day is an expensive and time-consuming repair appointment. Keep your commercial or residential plumbing serviceable throughout the cold months by preparing for the following potential problems.

4 Winter Plumbing Issues & How to Prevent Them

1. Outside faucets/ cut offs

When temperatures fall to freezing or below be sure to unhook all outside hoses and drain any cut offs to outside water sources you will not be using to prevent any freezing of pipes that may burst. If any of these items are in use for the winter use insulating materials to cover piping to prevent freezing.

2. Frozen Pipes

When freezing temps drop to teens and single digits it is best to leave your cabinet doors open to expose piping to the indoor heat to sinks and leave a small stream of water dripping from faucets to prevent any freezing of your water. If your water heater is in the attic or garage where there is no heat it is best to make sure all piping is covered with insulation so these lines do not freeze and leave you with no water source for hours until they thaw out.

3. Sewage Backups

If you host friends and family during the holidays, your home’s septic system might get more use than usual. Sewage backups may occur when your septic tank overfills. If you’re expecting company, especially for several days, have a contractor pump the tank in advance.

4. Slow Drains

Slow drains are often the result of clogs, which may be due to flushing the wrong items down drains. When you cook holiday meals, avoid putting cooking oils, fibrous vegetables, and meat bones in your garbage disposal. Also, instruct guests to not flush feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, or paper towels down toilets.


In the event that you experience commercial or residential plumbing troubles this winter, contact the team at Baity Plumbing Co. Since 1976, this contractor has provided plumbing services — including installations, repairs, and cleaning — to Thomasville, NC, clients. Call (336) 475-0921 to get a quote on pipe repairs and book an appointment. Visit the website to learn more about their commercial and residential plumbing services.

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