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How to Reduce Separation Anxiety at Day Care Drop-Off December 3, 2019

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How to Reduce Separation Anxiety at Day Care Drop-Off , Brookline, Massachusetts

The first day of day care is a significant step in your child’s life. Often, it’s the first time you’re separated from one another, which can create anxiety on both ends. You can ease that anxiety by following proven guidelines. It can take time, but gradually, the transition can become much easier for you and your child.

Making Day Care Drop-Off Better for You & Your Child

For Parents

First, remember that you’ve carefully vetted the day care, so you know it’s a safe environment. Tell yourself your child is in safe hands. If any of your concerns still linger, the day care will usually offer video calls and monitoring services where parents can check in.

day careWhen you arrive, stick to your guidelines. Be there on time, drop your child off at the designated area — often where other parents, students, and teachers are — and be quick. If you linger or cry with your child, it usually makes things more difficult. Let them know you love them and be confident knowing the teacher will ensure they’re comfortable.

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, relax when you return. Watch a favorite TV program or enjoy a hobby. You may also find relief exercising or going on a walk with your dog. These are great ways to reduce anxiety. Know that your child is happy, socializing, and learning in an enriching environment.

For Children

It’s helpful to let your child know what will happen before their first day. If they haven’t toured the day care and met the staff yet, take them in. This way, they’ll arrive to see familiar faces and a safe environment when you drop them off. You can also practice in the weeks prior. Leave your child with a friend or family member for the day so they get used to being away from you.

When day care begins, get your child excited. They’ll enjoy having a new backpack or fun outfit to show off and will often focus on that on their first day. You can also give them a special gift like a family photo they can look at if they become homesick. Gradually, day care will become part of their schedule. Listen when they tell you about their day and fuel their excitement so they maintain positive feelings.


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