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5 Ways to Deter Cats From Playing With Christmas Trees December 9, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Ways to Deter Cats From Playing With Christmas Trees, Ewa, Hawaii

When decorating a Christmas tree, keep in mind that it can introduce hazards to pet health. Curious cats can also become destructive, knocking off ornaments or toppling the entire tree over. Here’s how you can keep your cat and tree safe through the season.

5 Tips to Keep Your Cat off Your Christmas Tree

1. Try Tin Foil

One simple way to keep your cat at bay is to lay tin foil around the base of your tree. The noise it makes can deter your feline from getting too close. While it may not match with your holiday look, you can place a tree skirt on top of the foil to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.

2. Use a Citrus Spray

Citrus spray is overpowering for cats’ sensitive noses, so spray an all-natural mix of water and orange peels on or around your tree. Or hide orange peels in your tree for a simpler alternative.

Skip this step if you have an asthmatic cat, as it can pose respiratory pet health issues in these felines.

3. Make Jumping Impossible

pet healthIf your cat is a jumper, they may take an aerial approach to your tree and skip the tin foil defense altogether. In this case, strategically place your tree away from any furniture your cat can scale and use as a jumping-off point. Consider a more isolated location like your home’s entryway or foyer, if needed.

4. Keep Them Occupied

Boredom can make Christmas trees seem even more inviting, so keep your kitty occupied with plenty of playtime or interactive toys like food puzzles. You might also want to invest in a climbing perch so your cat has their own object to scale.

5. Skip Any Tempting Decor

Shiny glass balls can be especially attractive to cats, but they also present pet health risks, including lacerations on the paws and mouth as well as internal wounds. It’s a good idea to skip these decorations altogether.


Even with these precautions, pet injuries can happen any time of year. Fortunately, the pet health experts at Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital on Oahu are available for emergency care after normal office hours. With services such as surgery and X-rays, they can address unforeseen incidents while providing quality preventive care with wellness exams, vaccinations, and dentistry. Explore their full list of services online, or call (808) 671-7387 to schedule an appointment.

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