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Why Board Your Dogs During the Holiday Season? December 2, 2019

Keaau, Hawaii
Why Board Your Dogs During the Holiday Season?, Keaau, Hawaii

If you plan to travel during the holiday season, you may wonder what to do with your pets. In the event that your canine companions can’t join you for the festivities, dog boarding is a safe, comfortable, and convenient solution. Here’s more information about why boarding during the holidays is a smart idea.

4 Reasons to Choose Holiday Dog Boarding

1. Companionship

When you go out of town, you may worry about your canines not receiving enough TLC. Dog boarding ensures that your pups will have someone to keep them company and provide companionship, preventing them from getting lonely or depressed.

2. Professional Care

When you choose dog boarding for your canines, you’ll know they’re in the most capable hands. Trained pet care professionals will ensure your dogs get enough food, water, exercise, and playtime while you’re away for the holidays. Additionally, they’ll administer any necessary medication.

3. Pampering

dog boardingMany pet boarding facilities also offer spa treatments for canines. While you’re away, make an appointment for dog grooming, which typically includes shampooing, brushing, hair trimming, and styling. Top-notch facilities may also offer VIP suites that include skylights, AC, pools, and play yards.

4. Courtesy

Asking friends and family members to watch your pets during the holidays may feel burdensome, especially if you’ll be gone for more than a week. Dog boarding gives your loved ones a break from pet care responsibilities, allowing them to feel more relaxed during the season.


The next time you need a place to keep your pups while you’re on vacation, book them a room at Bar-King Dog Kennel in Keaau, HI. This facility offers kenneling services that include healthy food, medication administration, exercise, play, and companionship. Call (808) 966-8733 to reserve kennels for your pets, and visit the website to learn more about their VIP treatments.

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