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A Guide to Separation Agreements January 6, 2020

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A Guide to Separation Agreements, Sanford, North Carolina

Not all divorces end in courtroom battles. In many cases, couples will file for uncontested divorce, in which they split promptly and amicably. A  separation agreement also helps ensure a marital split goes as smoothly as possible. If you and your spouse are planning to end your marriage, here’s all you need to know about this option to help you determine whether it’s right for you.  

What Is a Separation Agreement?

This is a detailed document that outlines rights and responsibilities for both spouses following a divorce or separation. It can cover everything from child custody (including visitation rights and child support), to the division of joint property. It may also address issues such as debts, health insurance coverage, or retirement accounts. 

In some cases, a separation agreement could even include a marital cash settlement, in which one spouse receives a payment in exchange for their portion of jointly owned property. 

What Are the Benefits of Having One?

separation agreementWorking out the details of the split in advance can help couples avoid prolonged court battles. When both spouses agree to and sign this document, it eliminates the possibility that one spouse could sue the other if they change their mind about the agreement later. This also protects people from other unexpected liabilities, such as lawsuits because of a car accident or debt related to a business.

You must have a valid document to enjoy these protections. Working with a qualified lawyer will ensure that everything is covered and that your document will be recognized by the courts.


If you need help drafting a separation agreement or are going through divorce, count on the team at Stephenson & Stephenson, PA in Sanford, NC. They’ve served residents of Lee, Moore, Harnett, and Chatham counties for over 31 years. Their experienced team will work tirelessly to understand the nuances of your case and help you achieve a positive outcome. Visit them online to view their practice areas or call (919) 774-6182 to schedule a consultation. 

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