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What You Need to Know About Cloud Safety December 9, 2019

New York, New York
What You Need to Know About Cloud Safety, New York, New York

The cloud is one of the most ground-breaking integrations in the workplace, as it opens the door for countless workflow conveniences and storage perks. However, with that exposure comes cybersecurity concerns. If you’re thinking about switching to cloud services, learn more about security risks and various protective measures to alleviate your worries.

What Security Risks Could Cloud Users Face?

A security breach is the most common threat to the cloud. When hackers break in by cracking weak passwords, they can hijack data to destroy or hold ransom. Employee error is the most common cause of these problems, as people download harmful files or otherwise give hackers access that can result in countless storage problems.

How Is the Cloud Protected?

cloud services

The physical “cloud” is usually a large warehouse filled with a system of sophisticated servers. These sites are managed by some of the world’s leading businesses, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Onsite security is a priority to prevent break-ins, as companies use high-end 24-hour surveillance systems and even armed guards. These sites are also protected from fires and damage from natural disasters.

Inside the cloud infrastructure is a complex data protection system designed by leading cybersecurity experts. Safety measures include:

  • Firewalls to examine incoming data for threats
  • Encryption systems that seal files from unauthorized users—even if they’re stolen
  • Event logging to understand previous threats and bolster defenses
  • 24-hour monitoring from cybersecurity professionals

When you subscribe with a cloud services provider or manager, they’ll establish a point person to ensure you always have assistance with cybersecurity updates and needs.


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