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Do's & Don'ts for Traveling With Contact Lenses This Holiday Season December 3, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts for Traveling With Contact Lenses This Holiday Season, Colerain, Ohio

The holiday season is only a few weeks away, which means many people are preparing to travel and visit loved ones. If you wear contact lenses, you need to take a few precautions during your trips to protect your ocular health. The following guide outlines some crucial do’s and don’ts to be aware of during your holiday travels.


Find out how much liquid you can take on the plane.

When it comes to wearing contact lenses, it’s crucial to have access to a cleaning solution at all times. As such, if you’re planning to travel by plane, you need to find out the liquid restrictions before you begin packing. Currently, airlines only allow up to 100 ml per passenger. If your bottle is bigger than that, get a travel-sized container to ensure you aren’t forced to throw your solution away at the airport.

Consider getting disposable contacts. 

contact lensesIf you don’t already have a prescription for disposable contacts, consider asking your optometrist for some before you go on your trip. During the hustle and bustle of packing, unpacking, getting on planes and cars, and visiting with loved ones, there’s an increased chance you’ll misplace your long-wear contacts. If this happens, you’ll have to spend money on a new set when you get home. Disposable lenses eliminate this unwanted cost, as they’re meant to be thrown away after each use. 


Sleep with your contacts in while flying. 

If your flight is long, you might want to get a bit of sleep. If you do decide to take a nap, though, you must remove contact lenses first. Sleeping with them in, even for a little bit, can cause irritation, dryness, and scratches on your cornea. 

Leave your glasses at home. 

It’s common for those who wear contact lenses not wear their glasses very much. However, in the event you accidentally lose your lenses, having a backup plan is crucial. Bringing your glasses with you will ensure you don’t wind up with decreased vision at any point during the holiday season.


If you need help ensuring optimum vision during your holiday travels, turn to Dr. Michael R. Schmit in Cincinnati, OH. Since 1980, this optometrist has helped patients with everything from prescriptions for contact lenses to routine eye exams. Visit his website for more information and call (513) 741-8811 to schedule an appointment.

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