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4 Tips for Hiring a Catering Service December 18, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
4 Tips for Hiring a Catering Service, Bronx, New York

Catering services are ideal for many different functions, from graduations to office parties and wedding receptions. However, finding the right caterer can be challenging, as there are many options to choose from. To make the process simpler, and to ensure you end up with the best results, follow these tips.

How to Choose the Best Catering Service for Your Event

1. Ask Friends & Family for Recommendations

Hiring a caterer without prior knowledge is tough, so start by asking loved ones who they've worked with in the past. If someone you know and trust is recommending a company, you'll know they're probably good. You can also look at online review sites to get an idea of what each service has to offer.

2. Know What You Need

catering servicesDon't go to prospective caterers with a vague idea of your event and food choices. If you want an accurate pricing estimate, you'll need to provide a full menu listing to companies so they can crunch the numbers. If you're not sure, make a list of foods you'd like to be served so you can get a direct comparison.

3. Contact a Few Local Caterers

While you may want to go with the first caterer that you meet with, you should always reach out to multiple local companies to ask questions first. Along with price and schedule, also ask about their staff size, what you'll need to provide, and if they have experience working your type of event.

4. Schedule a Taste Test

Before making a final decision, sample the food you're ordering. Many companies offer tasting menus so potential clients will know what to expect on the day of their event. This will help you avoid a result that doesn't live up to your expectations.


Although they’re locally famous for being a pizza shop, Emilio's of Morris Park in the Bronx, NY, also provides catering services. You can pre-order dishes and pick them up the day of your event, or you can hire staff to cater your function at the site of your choosing. Their catering menu features gourmet salads, entrees, desserts, and specialty pizzas, so there’s something for everyone. Visit them online to learn more about their options, or call (718) 822-6758 to schedule your event. To order food for tonight, text "Emilios" to 33733 and download their free ordering app.
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