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4 Ideas for a Mother's Memorial December 9, 2019

Willimantic, Windham
4 Ideas for a Mother's Memorial, Willimantic, Connecticut

Choosing a memorial for a mother is no easy task. However, it is one small way you can help pay tribute and start the healing process. Here are a few ways you can customize a grave marker to suit your loved one. 

How to Customize a Grave Marker

1. Choose Her Favorite Color for the Monument

Grave MarkersThere are many color options to choose from for the grave marker. Some beautiful colors to consider include Salisbury Pink,  Laurentian Rose, Satin Barre, and Dakota Mahogany. Choose your mother’s favorite color to honor her memory. 

2. Add a Custom Inscription

If your mother had a favorite quote, poem, or Bible verse, have this carved or etched onto the memorial. Make sure that the custom inscription you choose isn’t too long. You’ll want the inscription to fit well in the space you have for it. You may also want to include a note about your feelings for her, such as “Beloved Mother.”

3. Use Her Favorite Photo

You can have a photo etched or picture on the monument. If you think this is something your mother would have liked, choose one of her favorite photos of herself, or one that shows her as she would like to have been remembered.

4. Add Custom Artwork

Consider having a custom design that would best describe your mother,  such as flowers carved in. Popular options closely associated with motherhood include orchids, tulips, lilies and roses that would personalize the memorial for her. Depending on the cemetery’s regulations, you may also be able to have a carving or sculpture with the memorial. Guardian angels are common, as they evoke the care and attention mothers give their children. 


Choosing a memorial for a loved one doesn’t have to be difficult. The knowledgeable professionals at Tri-County Memorials can create a custom grave marker to honor your dear mother’s memory. Located in Waterford, CT, (860)443-8744 Norwich, CT (860)886-6200 and Willimantic, CT (860)456-8658, these professionals have been crafting stunning monuments since 1973. Visit their website for more information.

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