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A Brief Guide to Sump Pumps December 2, 2019

Danbury, Fairfield County
A Brief Guide to Sump Pumps, Danbury, Connecticut

Whether a pipe bursts in your basement or a storm floods your property, sump pumps are crucial to eliminating water damage to your home. By sucking up the moisture right away, they can also prevent the consequences of flooding, such as mold growth. If you have yet to find a sump pump that’s right for your house, here’s some more information about these plumbing fixtures.

What Are Some Common Types of Sump Pumps?

There are two main types of sump pumps used in residential properties: submersible and pedestal models. Submersible pumps are confined in a waterproof container that sits in a pit of water. A screen or grate is used to cover the bottom of the pump, to prevent debris and pests from getting inside. While the pump rests at the base, there’s an opening at the top, which takes in the water.

Pedestal pumps keep the pump above the pit of water, so they don’t need to be encased in watertight housing. A pipe stretches from the pump down into the pit, which sucks up the water. These pumps are affordable but louder than submersible models. If your basement contains a significant amount of moisture, you might find these models disruptive.

How Does a Typical Sump Pump Function?

sump pumpWhen water starts to collect in your basement or crawlspace, it will run to the lowest point, where your sump pump should be located. The water will flow into the pit. If water is collecting outside your home, it can also be routed through pipes into the sump pit. When it fills with water, a flotation device will rise and the pump will automatically activate, pumping water out of the pit and into the plumbing system that leads away from your property.


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