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How to Simplify Joint Custody for the Kids December 13, 2019

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
How to Simplify Joint Custody for the Kids, Lincoln, Nebraska

For children, it’s never easy to hear that your parents are splitting up. However, with a joint custody arrangement, you can ensure that they continue to receive quality time with both of you. From finding an attorney to blowing off steam, use these three tips to make this transition go as smoothly as possible for your little one.

3 Ways to Make Joint Custody Easier on Your Children

1. Prioritize Your Child 

During the initial filing and settlement process, the divorce revolved around you and your spouse. Now that the custody arrangement has been finalized, make a joint effort to focus the spotlight on your kids. Ask them at least once a week if they’d like to talk about how the new schedule is making them feel. If they mention that something is bothering them—such as having to pack their overnight bag after soccer practice—make them feel heard, and offer ways to make the transition easier.

2. Rely on Friends for Emotional Support 

attorneyRegardless of whether the divorce was amicable, there will be times when you get frustrated with your ex-spouse. Instead of badmouthing them in front of your child, save your venting for friends and relatives that will keep it to themselves. Also, avoid talking on the phone to these individuals, as kids are more perceptive than you might think—save these conversations for when you’re over at their place, or out at a cafe.

3. Hire an Attorney

If you’re still struggling to work out the child custody arrangement, or if you’d like to alter the agreement, you’ll need more than just a strong opinion. An attorney can help you formulate an arrangement that works best for you and your children. If you’re appealing a custody decision, they will help you approach the courts at the right time, and ensure the judge prioritizes your child’s best interests.


If you’re looking for help with your joint custody arrangement, turn to David R Webb, Attorney at Law of Lincoln, NE. This divorce attorney has 30 years of experience helping clients secure the ideal settlement and begin a new chapter of life. In addition to family law, he also handles estate planning and business law cases. To learn more about his work, visit the website, or call (402) 477-7577 to schedule a consultation.

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