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5 Winter Pest Control Tips to Minimize Rodent Infestations December 2, 2019

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5 Winter Pest Control Tips to Minimize Rodent Infestations, Enterprise, Alabama

With the holidays around the corner, it's essential to keep your house in order. Unfortunately, the season can often bring some unpleasant surprises, such as rodents. Due to the cold weather, mice and rats are seeking food and shelter; without the right home preparation, they'll find their way inside. If you didn't want to add rodents to your guest list, implement the following pest control strategy.

How to Avoid Rodents During the Winter

1. Put the Food Away

pest-control-Enterprise-ALThe easiest pest control tip is to remove potential food sources. Regardless if it's sweet or savory, anything you leave out in the open will attract critters; this includes pet food too. So, pack up the leftovers and clear the tables every night. Try not to leave any dirty dishes in the sink either; they can sniff out the scraps.

2. Seal Any Cracks

A mouse’s flexibility can be surprising; many can fit into openings that are the size of a dime. Use caulk, and mesh if necessary to repair and seal up any crevices in the foundation, walls, baseboards, or ceiling. Those who have chimneys should also invest in a chimney cap, as well.

3. Install a Brush Strip

Other possible entry points are the gaps underneath the doors. If you want to block this without compromising your door's functionality, put in a brush strip. Also known as a door sweep, this little device is made of a flexible material, such as rubber or a row of bristles, that will easily bend to fit the space undertake door.

4. Declutter

If you have boxes piling up in a corner or closet, a mouse can easily find its way through the crevices between them and hunker down in the space. To avoid this, get a head-start on spring cleaning and begin to pare things down.

5. Clear Landscaping Debris

Although the interior is the priority for pest control, you can't neglect the exterior. Any encroaching branches near the windows or gutters should be pruned to prevent any rats from crawling up and reaching the house. You should also sweep away any dried leaves that have accumulated near the foundation; even the smaller pile can function as a makeshift shelter.


As useful as these preventative measures are, they may not be enough. If you've seen a few rodents around and worried more may be hiding in your home, contact Copter Pest Control. Based in Enterprise, AL, this locally owned business has served residents and businesses throughout the region for 60 years. They use only natural solutions that are safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment. To learn more about their pest control services, visit their website or call them at (334) 347-2430.

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