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A Guide to Bronze & Granite Headstones December 2, 2019

Sansom Park, Fort Worth
A Guide to Bronze & Granite Headstones , Fort Worth, Texas

Creating a headstone is a way for friends and family members to honor a loved one’s memory. The first step to ensuring its appeal and longevity is choosing the right material. While there are many options available, bronze and granite tend to be the most popular, as both are known for their durability. Additionally, many cemeteries only approve these two choices to maintain a uniform look. The following guide offers some insight so you can decide which to select for your loved one’s burial marker. 

What to Know About Bronze Headstones 

Unlike other metals that typically corrode with time, bronze holds up well under even the harshest weather conditions. As such, you can expect it to remain attractive for years to come. The material is also easily customized, making it a perfect choice if you wish to add an inscription or a detailed etching.

Additionally, bronze headstones require little maintenance. The majority of them are protected with a special coating that keeps the surface in good condition. If necessary, they can simply be cleaned with water and detergent. 

What to Consider About Granite Headstones

headstonesWhile other stone materials are susceptible to damage and staining, granite is strong enough to withstand the outside elements. It comes in a variety of colors, with each stone displaying its individuality through unique streaks and flecks.

Granite is also versatile enough to support carving, etching, engraving, and sandblasting. This material is also easy to maintain and restore to its original appeal. It can be cleaned off with water, dish soap, and a clean cloth.


If you’re looking to design a beautiful and unique headstone that pays homage to a loved one’s life, turn to Fort Worth Monument for help. Since 1936, they’ve been providing residents in and around Tarrant County, TX, with high-quality burial markers that last. They offer both bronze and granite materials and will assist you in customizing a suitable tribute. Call (817) 625-2721 to discuss your needs, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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