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How to Protect Your Wood Fence in the Winter February 13, 2020

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How to Protect Your Wood Fence in the Winter, Spencerport, New York

A wood fence provides a sense of privacy while also enhancing the appearance of your property. However, wood is less durable than other materials and requires a little more care, especially as the winter months draw near. The tips below can help you take better care of your fence throughout the winter, so snow, rain, and ice won’t be as destructive to your fence.

How to Prevent Winter Damage to Your Wood Fence

1. Eliminate Nearby Tree Limbs

As the snow starts to fall, it will build upon tree limbs, creating a heavier burden for those branches to support. Older or weaker branches may crack under the additional weight and, if those branches are hanging over your wood fence, they may fall on your fence and cause expensive damage. It’s more cost-effective to get rid of those branches ahead of the first snowfall.

2. Get Rid of Snow Drifts

imageAs snow piles up against a wooden privacy fence, it can start damaging the wood right away. By the time spring arrives, you’ll likely find that the fence will need to be repaired everywhere that the snow was left. To avoid this situation, watch for snowdrifts and use a shovel to push piles of snow away from the fence. Be sure to check both sides of the fence for drifts.

3. Don’t Hang Items From the Fence 

Another problem that people don’t consider is hanging yard items, such as ladders, rakes, and shovels, from a wood or picket fence. While the fence may be durable enough to support these items, falling snow will pile up upon them. In addition to increasing the weight of the individual items, the wet snow will have the same effects on the wood as snowdrifts. By removing these items, you’ll decrease the risks of the wood rotting by spring.

4. Look for Damage in Late Fall

Before the ground freezes, you should take a walk around your property and examine the entire length of the fence. If you find weak posts or broken slats, this would be the ideal time to have them repaired. If you let the repairs go until spring, the damage can expose adjacent portions of the fence to winter damage.


If you want to add a wood fence to your property, quality in both materials and workmanship is essential. All American Fence has been providing top-quality fencing products and installation services for more than 29 years. Located in Monroe, NY, they can install and repair your fence. To request a free estimate, you can contact them on their website or by calling (585) 352-8370.

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