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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Oil Changes December 2, 2019

Stillwater, Washington
Why You Shouldn’t Skip Oil Changes, Stillwater, Minnesota

Most drivers know that regular oil changes are necessary, but not everyone understands why they’re so essential for keeping vehicles running properly. That could lead some drivers to skip service here and there or stretch out their recommended time frame. If you understand exactly what an oil change does for your vehicle, you may be more likely to prioritize scheduling service on time.

Why Oil Changes Are Crucial

Motor oil is essential for lubricating all of the moving parts; these need to work together for your engine to function. When there’s insufficient oil, or if it’s old and dirty, those engine components simply grind against one another.

This can lead to excessive friction, which wears down those parts prematurely and can also create a lot of heat inside your engine. Clean oil keeps your engine’s components in quality condition for as long as possible and also regulates the temperature to ensure peak performance.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

oil changeIf you’ve missed an oil change, there are a few key signs that could indicate trouble in your engine. You might hear a knocking or grinding noise as you drive, which likely means that the parts in your engine are rubbing against one another without the proper lubrication.

Your car may also overheat, which could result in smoke coming from under the hood or your check engine light coming on. If you suspect an issue and look under the hood, check to see if the oil looks dark and sludgy. If it does, then take it to your auto shop for service right away.


If your vehicle needs an oil change, the professionals at Stillwater Auto Clinic can help. Serving customers throughout the St. Paul and Maplewood, MN, areas, the auto repair shop offers a wide array of services, including brake service, suspension work, and auto electrical repairs. The company employs a team of trained and highly skilled mechanics who can quickly diagnose issues and get your car back on the road as fast as possible. Visit the company’s website for a full list of services or call (651) 351-7188 to schedule an appointment.

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