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3 Ways to Stack Firewood Effectively December 3, 2019

West Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Ways to Stack Firewood Effectively, Hamilton, Ohio

Although they are less common now than they once were, wood-burning stoves are an inexpensive way to heat the home. If you chop the wood yourself with equipment from a tool sales shop, you can save even more money. If you rely on wood to heat your house or stoke your fireplace, below are some tips for the proper way to stack firewood.

3 Tips for Stacking Firewood

1. Utilizing a Wood Pillar

A wood pillar is the perfect way to stack a lot of wood in a relatively small space. It's ideal for indoor storage and as an endcap to your traditional outdoor firewood stack. Lay three logs alongside on the ground, then lay three more across them, facing the opposite direction. Repeat this process until you have an eight- or 10-layer pillar. It works best if your logs are split in quarters and are even size and length. When appropriately stacked, the wood pillar is stable and doesn't take up a lot of space.

2. Use a Log Holder

tool salesIf you occasionally build a fire and don't need a constant supply of indoor firewood, a fireplace log holder is the perfect solution. It contains five to 10 split logs and keeps them in place and organized. You can find log holders at most hardware stores or firewood tool sales outlets. They come in a variety of materials, including cast iron, brass, and steel. 

3. Stack for Seasoning

For best results, your firewood should be seasoned—or dried—for a year before you burn it. This reduces smoke and creosote buildup and provides a hotter fire. To let your wood dry, lay a foundation of pallets, concrete blocks, or plywood to keep the remaining logs from absorbing moisture from the earth. Stack them so the end grains face the sun; wood loses its moisture from its exposed ends, and the sunlight helps season it. Arrange logs in rows between two wood pillars to prevent rollaway. Cover with a plastic sheet or water-resistant tarpaulin. 


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