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What Does Routine Vehicle Maintenance Entail? December 27, 2019

Amber-Cheney South, Spokane
What Does Routine Vehicle Maintenance Entail?, Amber-Cheney South, Washington

Routine car maintenance prolongs your vehicle's life span and keeps you safe on the road. While every manufacturer provides recommendations in the owner's manual, your driving habits and road conditions can also have an effect on how often you need service. The following guide outlines some critical maintenance steps so you can address the issue before it affects your car's performance.

How to Properly Maintain Your Vehicle 

1. Change Your Car’s Oil Regularly

car maintenanceOil is the source of life that your car’s engine runs on. By changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you can help your vehicle avoid serious damage and lengthen its lifespan. Car owners often make the mistake of not changing their oil regularly, underestimating the effects of accumulated contaminants that can cause friction in the engine. 

2. Inspect the Tires 

Your tires need proper inflation to lessen the chances of blowouts. Often, drivers will forget this and find themselves unprepared when it does happen. Adding air to your tires is simple, but knowing how much is the key. This information is found in the vehicle’s manual. If in doubt, add 4 PSI to the recommended amount for extra security. 

3. Check the Vehicles Other Fluids

A vehicle’s motor is not the only component that needs fluids. Avoid the mistake of not inspecting for fluid replacements in your car’s brakes, transmission, and coolant. You can check these by removing their respective covers and visually inspecting each part. Don’t remove the radiator cap to check your car’s coolant, as you can risk getting burned. Instead, check its level of fluid in the transparent refill container. 

4. Monitor the Belts & Hoses

Examining the health of your vehicle’s belts and hoses is necessary because they’re the key components that drive your engine’s cooling, charging, and air conditioning systems. Checking these for separations, cracks, and bulges is one of the best ways to avoid an expensive problem in the hood of your car. Any signs of wear in a vehicle’s belt or hose can signify the need for a repair. 


If you need auto services or repair, turn to Daves Auto of Cheney in Washington. This trusted auto repair shop has serviced the community since 1979. Their experts cater to both domestic and foreign vehicles, and they accept all insurance companies. The family-owned shop is a proud NAPA AutoCare center that offers scheduled maintenance, diagnostics, electronic fuel injection service, and smog checks. Make an appointment today by calling (509) 235-6123 or visit their website for a look at all their services.

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