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5 Affordable Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings December 4, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
5 Affordable Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings, Manhattan, New York

Engagement season is just around the corner, with Christmas and New Year’s just weeks away. The holidays are also the time of year when diamonds are more expensive. Keep this in mind when working with jewelry manufacturers and offer your customers affordable alternatives to diamond engagement rings. 

Budget-Friendly Diamond Alternatives

1. Moissanite Crystal

Moissanite crystals naturally occur in meteorites, but the synthetic version is commonly found in jewelry. This diamond alternative can't be dulled or scratched, and it’s almost as hard as the real thing. Synthetic, flawless moissanite crystals are more affordable than natural diamonds, and they’re difficult to tell apart from diamonds.

2. Synthetic Diamond

jewelry manufacturerLab-produced diamonds are nothing new. They’re hard to tell apart from the naturally occurring variety, and they’re also more affordable. Synthetic diamonds are indeed real diamonds, as natural and synthetic diamonds share identical compositions. With synthetic diamonds, you can also offer clients a variety of appealing colors.

3. White Sapphires

Sapphires are a common alternative to diamonds because of their sparkling beauty. Sapphires don't just come in the traditional blue — they’re also available in purple, peach, and transparent varieties. Have your jewelry manufacturer surround a white sapphire ring with smaller, real diamonds to provide an affordable alternative to a classic diamond ring.

4. Tanzanite

Diamonds are beautiful, but they aren't the rarest gem on earth. However, tanzanite is, and it's far cheaper than diamonds. This unique blue or violet gemstone changes its shade depending on the light. It’s also the perfect gift for someone born in December, as it’s the birthstone for that month.

5. Traditional Ring

Jeweled engagement rings are only a recent tradition. Rings without stones date further back through history, like the Irish Claddagh ring. Talk to your jewelry manufacturer about producing rings without stones to provide your clients with a more affordable option that’s still aesthetically pleasing. 



When you work with a jewelry manufacturer, provide your budget-minded customers with a more affordable alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring. Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in New York City offers multiple services in one place, including model casting, model making, and stone setting. To learn about their vast array of services, visit them online or call (212) 221-0440 to get a quote.

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