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5 Boat Winter Storage Tips December 18, 2019

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5 Boat Winter Storage Tips, Anchorage, Alaska

It would be nice if storing a boat for the winter was as simple as placing it inside a storage unit. However, there are several tasks to complete before you can feel confident that your boat will be secure for the season and ready to go when the weather warms up. To make sure you get everything done, keep in mind these helpful tips. 

How to Store Your Boat for the Winter 

1. Clean Thoroughly 

Before taking your boat to a storage unit, remove all the items on-board, then caulk any cracks you find. Blisters can be repaired with resin and hardener. After that, soak the boat with a water hose, scrub it with boat soap, remove all the grime, and rinse it off. Finally, apply wax to keep it shiny and resistant to elemental damage. Don’t forget to lubricate the steering system, gears, motors, and other parts prone to rust. 

2. Replenish Liquids 

Before putting it in storage, change the oil, and make sure your fuel tank is full. This will prevent both the engine and tank from corroding due to condensation and acid buildup. If possible, put fuel stabilizer in the tank as well, and switch out the fuel filter for a fresh one.  

3. Protect the Parts 

storage unitSpray some fogging oil on the engine to keep its exterior from corroding. Use clean water to flush the cooling system, ridding it of debris, dirt, and salt. Consider adding antifreeze to it, too. Take off the drive belt to prevent it from getting cracked and worn. After that, disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t die and fill it with distilled water. 

4. Cover It Up 

Even if you get a storage unit with climate control, cover your boat for extra protection against the elements. Tarp or canvas is usually sufficient, though harsh winters may call for a cover with double polyurethane coating. The cover should be waterproof so that it resists any ice that may accumulate within the unit. 

5. Get Insurance 

No matter how careful you are, something could always happen to your boat. Before you leave it in self-storage for the winter, check that you have insurance coverage for it. That way, if a disaster occurs, you’ll be able to handle it with minimal issues. 


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