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4 Tips to Market Your Contracting Business on a Budget December 6, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Tips to Market Your Contracting Business on a Budget, Brooklyn, New York

While marketing generates valuable new business for contracting businesses, many contractors don’t put much effort into it, as they assume it’s going to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. However, you can build your online and offline presence with a small budget. Here are a few proven tactics, from social media to truck wraps

Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Contractors

1. Social Media

Many people look for contractors online these days, and social media is a free way to reach them. Create profiles for your business on all the major social platforms, including Facebook® and Twitter®. Post to these pages at least twice a week. For example, put up before- and after-photos if you’re a remodeling contractor, virtual tours of your projects, or tips for your clients. 

2. Review Sites

truck wrapsPeople typically want to hear about past clients’ experiences before they hire you for a job. Review sites allow them to get references from strangers. Claim your profile on important review sites, such as Yelp® and Google®. Encourage all of your clients to post reviews for you on these sites.

3. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps clients find your website when searching online for a contractor. If you do it right, you will pop up on the first page of Google results when they search for options in your area. Choose some keywords that you want to optimize for, such as bathroom remodeling, home additions, or HVAC contractor. Use these keywords throughout your website, including in the text on your pages, page headings, URLs, and blog posts.

4. Truck Wraps

Your truck is the perfect opportunity for advertising while you’re out on the job. Have professional truck wraps put on all your company vehicles. They will allow consumers to learn about your business as they’re driving or walking by one. If the neighbors see your truck outside a job site every day, they’ll be more likely to call you. Keep it simple and engaging; include your business name, logo, contractor license number, and make it clear what type of work you do.


DTM Signs and Truck Wraps creates high-quality car wraps in Brooklyn. NY. Their award-winning and full-service graphic design team will help you create an effective wrap. They will ensure you maximize your marketing budget with long-lasting and attractive truck wraps. Financing is now available to make it even more affordable. See some of their work for inspiration online, and call (347) 312-5488 for an estimate.

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