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How Can You Make Money By Recycling? December 3, 2019

San Marcos, San Marcos, TX
How Can You Make Money By Recycling?, San Marcos, Texas

Recycling prevents landfills from overfilling and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which is why it’s one of the best ways to help the environment. As an additional incentive, you might earn extra cash when you recycle certain items. Below is a useful guide on how to make money at your local recycling center.

4 Items to Recycle for Cash

1. Electronics

If you have any old computers, tablets, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, TVs, DVD players, or video game consoles lying around your house, take them to a recycling center. These electronics, regardless of their condition, may be worth up to several hundred dollars. 

2. Bottles & Cans

Empty bottles and cans are typically worth between five and 10 cents apiece. Though it might not seem like much, bottles and cans tend to add up quickly over the months. The extra effort you put into recycling will gradually earn you money over time. 

3. Vehicles

recycling centerIf you have old, broken-down cars or trucks sitting in the garage or driveway, consider selling them to a local salvage yard. Another option is to sell vehicles by the part. Transmissions, catalytic converters, and GPS systems are often the most valuable. 

4. Scrap Metal

Scrap metals, such as copper, aluminum, iron, and lead, tend to be big-ticket items at junkyards. If you have any old appliances, bikes, pipes, and lawn equipment taking up space on your property, sell them to a salvage yard or recycling center in your area.


When you’re ready to make money on recycling and do your part to protect the planet, get in touch with Roadrunner Recycling. This recycling center and junkyard in San Marcos, TX, accepts scrap metals and vehicles in exchange for cash. Call (512) 353-4511 to ask about the current prices of scrap metals, and visit the website to learn more about how to sell junk cars. 

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