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4 Ways to Repair Damaged Furniture December 4, 2019

Victor, Ontario
4 Ways to Repair Damaged Furniture, Victor, New York

Upholstered, leather, and wooden furniture sustain damage in numerous ways. Pieces near windows that are exposed to sunlight every day eventually fade, while food, drink, and certain cleaning chemical-related accidents leave stains. Scratches and nicks due to poor handling are also common. Here are a few tips for repairing furniture damage to keep your pieces in excellent condition.

How to Fix Furniture Damage

1. Use Staining Agents To Fix Faded Wood

Restore faded wood furniture with linseed oil, mineral oil, or furniture polish. Apply oils or polish in the direction of the grain to create a dark, healthy color. If you’re using furniture polish, follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly. The best polishes come free of silicones and artificial colorings, and use ingredients such as lemon oil and beeswax to restore wooden pieces naturally.

2. Repair Nicks & Scratches With Vinegar & Oil or Filler Products

Fix minor nicks and scratches using a combination of one-quarter cup of white cedar or apple cider vinegar and three-quarter cups of canola oil. You can also use wood filler products to repair minor and major scratches and nicks. Some filler kits come with markers in assorted brown shades, allowing you to blend hues together to match the wood. If the furniture is painted, apply the same paint once the filler product has cured. You may need to sand some of the filler away so it’s flush with the wood.

3. Spot-Treat Upholstery & Leather Stains

furnitureAttack stains on upholstered furniture quickly using your vacuum and upholstery cleaner. Vacuum the stain first to remove loose particles before blotting the stain with your cleaning product. Test the product on an inconspicuous fabric area first.

For leather furniture stains, wipe the affected area using a microfiber cloth in distilled water. Allow the surface to dry before repeating as necessary, then apply a manufacturer-recommended leather conditioner. If the stain is grease-based, blot as much as you can, then sprinkle cornstarch for absorption. Leave it overnight, then carefully wipe the cornstarch away with a dry microfiber cloth. Finish with a leather conditioner.

4. Shellac Water Marks

Remove water marks on wooden pieces with spray shellac. The product seals the mark so you can apply paint or stain without issue. Serious water damage requires polishing, sanding, stripping, and staining the wood, if the wood can be salvaged. Apply wood polish mixed with a few drops of orange oil. Use a circular motion to remove the stains before sanding with 220-grit sandpaper in the direction of the grain. Use a stripping agent to remove several wood layers if marks are severe, then sand again and stain the furniture. 


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