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What to Know About Attractive Nuisances December 9, 2019

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What to Know About Attractive Nuisances, Lake Katrine, New York

Children are naturally curious. However, this sense of wonder can sometimes put them in danger. It’s a smart idea to get waste removal or make other specific modifications to your property, so you don’t end up creating an attractive nuisance. These objects or structures lure people to your home and can potentially cause a lawsuit if someone is hurt by them on your property. Below, learn what these attractive nuisances entail and why you should remain vigilant about safeguarding them. 

How Does the Law Define Attractive Nuisances?

Since children aren’t able to process risk in the same way adults can, they can’t always be held responsible for their actions. An attractive nuisance is defined as any object that could attract children to interact with it and cause them injuries. 

This form of tort law is applicable in many jurisdictions across the United States and gives property owners an incentive to consider what aspects of their property could fall into this category.

What Are Some Examples of Attractive Nuisances?

waste removalAn attractive nuisance could be anything from an enclosed area to a property addition and even waste materials. If you have sheds, utility buildings, or old cars on your property, a child may see it as their own personal clubhouse and approach it, even though they could be injured in these environments.

Dangerous features like uncovered pools, hot tubs, trampolines without canopy walls, farm equipment, and holes in the ground could also attract children. Even piles of trash or debris could be alluring and pose a serious risk of injury.

Why Should Property Owners Protect Themselves?

Securing your property and getting waste removal can help you avoid liability. The property owner who created the nuisance will be held accountable for injuries caused by it, even if the child is trespassing.

Install high fences with closed bars and locked gates. You should also receive waste removal services for any scrap, junk car, or debris on your property. This can decrease your risk of having an attractive nuisance and being sued if someone is injured. 


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