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Do's & Dont's for Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorating December 2, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
Do's & Dont's for Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorating, Ewa, Hawaii

It might time to deck the halls, but if you have pets, you’ll want to hold the boughs of holly. Holly, along with other festive holiday plants like mistletoe and poinsettias, are toxic to dogs and cats. If they decide to nibble on the decor, they could end up spending the holidays at the veterinarian’s office. As you decorate your home for the holidays, be careful to choose pet-friendly decor with these do’s and don’ts.


Secure the tree.

The tree is the centerpiece of your holiday decor, but your pet might see it as an attractive new toy. Curious cats might try to climb to the top, and some rambunctious play or just sniffing around can cause the tree to topple over, possibly injuring your pet.

Anchor the tree securely to the wall or ceiling using a kit you can find at a home improvement store. Or, if you have especially curious or young pets, consider a smaller tabletop version or surround the tree with a gate to keep it from falling over.

veterinariansLight with care.

Christmas lights are festive, but they can be dangerous to pets, who may chew on the wires or ingest a loose bulb. Don’t leave strings of lights in reach of animals. When you aren’t in the room to supervise, unplug the lights so there isn’t an electrical current that can electrocute pets. You can also plug the lights into a power strip with a surge suppressor that can be switched off easily and will prevent a power surge if your pet chews on the wires.


Decorate with food. 

Using candy canes or homemade salt dough ornaments to decorate the tree might be charming, but it’s possible that your pet will enjoy these unhealthy snacks and need to see a veterinarian. Keep any ornaments that could be mistaken for food out of reach of your pets.

Hang anything too low.

You might put up stockings with care, but if they’re hanging down where your dog or cat can reach them, they can get pulled down and cause injury. Use shorter table coverings or decorations so your pet doesn’t get hurt by falling objects or hot food.


If your pet has a Christmas decoration-related accident, the veterinarians at Waipio Pet Clinic in Waipahu, HI, are here to help. These compassionate professionals can diagnose conditions quickly with their on-site lab and provide emergency care. Call (808) 676-2205 for an appointment, and visit them online to learn more about their current specials.

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