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3 Types of Hay Feeders December 2, 2019

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3 Types of Hay Feeders, Willow Springs, Missouri

Hay feeders make it easy and convenient to feed livestock, and they help save money on hay costs when compared to freestanding bales. With different styles and sizes available, take into consideration the amount of livestock you have, as well as the budget on hand to decide which is best for your farm or ranch. Continue reading to learn more about the most popular hay feeder styles on the market.

A Guide to Hay Feeders

1. Combo

Combo feeders, also known as rack and trough feeders, have a hayrack on the upper portion and a trough down below. This position allows the trough to catch and hold the feed from above, which results in less waste. They can also be used to feed grain or supplements to cattle, and they are available in an array of sizes to suit different types and sizes of livestock.

2. Round

hay feedersRound feeders are the standard on many farms and ranches. They are lightweight and can be placed directly onto a hay bale, with the ability to hold up to 18 different feeding stations. Round feeders can have open spaces between the rings along the bottom of the unit, but some models come with a skirt enclosing this area, so there is less hay waste. They tend to be the most budget-friendly option on the market.

3. Cone

A cone feeder puts a spin on the traditional round feeder. They are designed to reduce waste and encourage cattle to eat in natural grazing positions. They contain a large conical feed-holding area with feeding stations along the bottom of the unit where feed falls through, and it becomes accessible for the animals. 


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