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When you’re walking through Los Angeles and suddenly get the craving for the perfect frozen yogurt, stop by PINKBERRY on Second Ave. With lots of fun flavors and delicious toppings, there’s no better frozen yogurt shop.

Seasonal Frozen Yogurt Flavors at Pinkberry to Usher in The Change of Seasons September 29, 2015

Historic Cultural, Los Angeles
Seasonal Frozen Yogurt Flavors at Pinkberry to Usher in The Change of Seasons, Los Angeles, California

Everyone already loves Pinkberry's frozen yogurt, in all its mouthwatering varieties. With flavors ranging from blueberry and lemonade to key lime and pomegranate, Pinkberry has enough combinations and treats, on any given day, to keep everyone's taste buds happy and satiated—without the added calories. But seasonal froyo comes but once a year, and Pinkberry also features options that are ideal for any festivity, holiday, or occasion.

While summer brings exotic selections like blood orange, coconut, tropical mango, and pear, fall's crispness ushers in holiday favorites like cinnamon churro and pumpkin spice with the perfect hint of nutmeg—flavors that can be customized with delicious seasonal toppings like caramel popcorn and toasted almonds.

Although autumn is the perfect time for warm beverages, there's no reason you won't love Pinkberry's frozen green tea yogurt. Pinkberry only uses fresh ingredients like real milk, real tangy yogurt, and hand-cut fruit in all of their products, which means that it's pretty much always “harvest” season in their shops. Short bread cookies, Nutella, and dark chocolate crisps are all part of the delectable options that are bound to get any palate into the spirit of the occasion.

And let's not forget that the holiday season also means giving, and Pinkberry has a selection of gift cards that make perfect stocking stuffers, trick-or-treat goodie, or wonderful addition to the Thanksgiving table. 

Finding specialty flavors is as easy as visiting your local frozen yogurt shop, so visit Pinkberry online to find the nearest location and start enjoying a change of flavors along with the change of seasons!

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