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3 Tips for Winter Window Maintenance December 6, 2019

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3 Tips for Winter Window Maintenance, Nicholasville, Kentucky

It’s easy to neglect your windows during winter. However, to avoid heat loss and skyrocketing energy bills, make sure that they’re ready to handle everything that the season brings. Whether you’re maintaining your storefront windows or your home’s windows, below are three ways to prepare them for cold weather.

How to Maintain Your Windows This Winter

1. Add Fresh Insulation

To lock warmth inside and prevent your heater from working harder than necessary, consider adding new insulation to your residential or storefront windows. A simple film affixed to the surface creates a substantial barrier that regulates indoor temperatures and helps maintain your energy costs throughout the season.

2. Search for Air Leaks

storefront windowsWhen air leaks from windows, it can cause uncomfortable drafts to develop inside. That’s a significant problem when you want to warm up at home during winter, or when you are welcoming clients into your business. To check for leaks, look at both the inside and outside. Key signs include daylight filtering through the sides, which indicates a sizable gap that you should fill with caulking or weatherstripping.

3. Check for Damage

Small air leaks are not difficult to repair, but significant damage to the system could pose a structural threat. For widespread damage, invest in a complete replacement, especially if there are substantial gaps around the entire window. Leaking air only needs a small opening to enter a dwelling or push through a storefront window. Inclement winter weather can also affect cracked windows. Natural freeze and thaw cycles cause the glass to expand and contract, meaning it could widen if left untouched. Fix these problems before the season begins.


Homeowners and business owners throughout Lexington and Nicholasville, KY, trust in the professionals at Aladdin’s Glass & Screen Products, Inc. They can assist with window glass repairs to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the season, or provide you with new storm windows or storefront windows. Visit them online for more information about these services, or call them at (859) 887-4070 to request a quote for custom mirrors or glass.

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