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4 Types of Knee Pain December 4, 2019

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4 Types of Knee Pain, Andalusia, Alabama

Knee pain is a surprisingly widespread issue, with 25% of all American adults experiencing it to some extent. In serious cases, the discomfort can be limiting and difficult to manage, resulting in mobility issues and chronic pain. Here's what you need to know about the structure of the knee and the most common problems that affect the joint.

A Guide to Knee Pain

1. Lateral Pain

The outside of the knee facing away from the body is called the lateral area. Injuries here typically involve the cartilage or ligaments. Stretches and tears along either the lateral collateral ligament or the lateral meniscus are among the most common. Both injuries result from either a sudden impact or twisting of the knee joint.

2. Medial Pain

physical therapyMedial pain occurs on the inside part of the knee that faces the opposite knee. Like lateral injuries, medial damage tends to impact the cartilage or ligaments, such as medial collateral ligament sprains or medial meniscus tears. The fluid-filled sac located on the inside of the knee is also prone to injury; tight hamstrings, for instance, can inflame the sac and lead to a condition called pes anserine bursitis.

3. Anterior Pain

The anterior part of the knee covers the front of the joint. Pain in the kneecap bone or tendons is not uncommon; this is usually caused by overuse of the knee.

4. Posterior Pain

The knee posterior is at the back of the kneecap. This is the least likely spot on the knee to experience pain, largely because it is well-protected and difficult to overuse. Still, occasional injuries can occur.

Inflammation of the biceps femoris muscle results from overextension of the hamstrings. A baker's cyst—a swelling filled with fluid—can also develop in this region. This is usually a result of arthritis or a tear in the cartilage.


If you're dealing with knee pain, get the issue checked by a professional. At Physical Therapy of Andalusia, we're here to help. With nearly four decades of experience, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services to the Andalusia, AL, area. Our customized treatments aim to reduce your pain and increase mobility so you can get back to enjoying your life. Call (334) 222-5785 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists.

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