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3 Tips for Designing a Custom Awning December 11, 2019

Groveland-Mascotte, Lake
3 Tips for Designing a Custom Awning, Groveland-Mascotte, Florida

Many homeowners install awnings to protect their decks, patios, and pools from weather elements. Other people use them to shield glass doors, windows, and air conditioners from the scorching heat, which can help to lower home cooling costs. If standard sizes don't fit your space, consider custom awnings to get more options for dimensions, style, and color. If you want your outdoors to stand out, here are some tips for designing awnings that fit your preferences. 

How to Choose Your Custom Awning Design

1. Begin With a Vision

With custom awnings, you have endless design choices at your fingertips. Start planning the style, angles, and location you prefer so the final output can precisely fit your needs and your budget.

Drive around and get inspiration from your neighborhood or business establishments. You could also try your hand at drawing the style you envision. This will help professionals create the perfect design for you.

2. Ask a Professional

custom awningsTurn your vision into reality by talking through it with a professional. They’ve gone through training, and they know the right tools and fabrics that are best for your desired awning. They’ll also help you create a more detailed design and explain specifics, such as the material's pros, cons, and maintenance requirements.

3. Pick the Best Materials

No matter how attractive your awning is, it will be ineffective if it can’t withstand weather elements. To get the best bang for your buck, invest in high-quality materials.

Awnings can be made from aluminum, wood, vinyl, fabric, and canvas. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so the right pick ultimately depends on your specific needs. When in doubt, consult a professional who can thoroughly explain which materials best suit your home and local climate.


Increase your home's value and provide shade for your outdoor space by installing custom awnings. With over 25 years of combined experience, the Central Florida Awnings team in Groveland, FL, delivers first-rate residential awnings to protect your deck or patio from the sun or rain. This family-owned and -operated business has a wide variety of choices in their inventory and design studio, including fade-proof woven style, flame-resistant laminated fabric, and manual, motorized, and smart home awnings. Learn more about their services on their website or call them at (844) 629-6464 to get a free estimate.

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