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A Quick Guide to Warrant Checks December 19, 2019

New Britain, Hartford County
A Quick Guide to Warrant Checks, ,

Warrants are legal documents that give police permission to perform a specific activity, like place someone under arrest or search a vehicle. Because police don’t always act on a warrant right away, many people and employers have to proactively search to find out whether you have legal issues that need to be cleared up. Reputable bail bond companies, legal firms, and county clerk’s offices can help by conducting a thorough warrant search. If you need one, here’s what you should know. 

What Is a Warrant Search?

To conduct a search, a trained professional will look up public records to determine whether a certain person has had a warrant issued against them. In some states, this information is open to the public, allowing anyone to conduct a warrant search. In others, however, warrant details are restricted to professionals, such as bail bond agencies, law enforcement offices, and attorneys.

Why You Might Need a Warrant Search

bail bondThe complexity of the legal system means many people aren’t sure whether they have a warrant out. For instance, if you forgot to come to court for a speeding ticket, the judge may have issued a bench warrant requiring you to appear.

Many employers include warrant searches as part of a standard criminal background check, which allows them to make better hiring decisions. Because so much depends on the outcome of these checks, it’s even more important for companies to use a reputable provider with the resources to perform a thorough, comprehensive search.

How to Request a Warrant Check

Even if your state makes warrant information open to the public, find a bail bond agency or other professional to do the search for you. Otherwise, you may be relying on outdated or incomplete information, which could cause legal headaches later on.

Learn more about what you can do when you find a warrant for your arrest.


If you need a warrant check anywhere in Connecticut, rely on the experts at 3-D Bail Bonds to provide accurate results, fast service, and peace of mind. Our agents proudly serve defendants and employers throughout the state and have built a reputation for professional and 24/7 availability. Visit us online to find your nearest location, follow our Facebook for more tips and advice, or call (860) 247-2245 to find a bondsman at our office in Hartford. If you need a warrant search in New Britain, call (860) 229-2525, or dial (203) 562-6666 to reach our New Haven location.

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