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3 Signs of Transponder Key Problems December 5, 2019

Irondequoit, Monroe
3 Signs of Transponder Key Problems, Irondequoit, New York

Your car’s transponder key works in unison with the immobilizing device to prevent someone from driving off with your vehicle. When this system works correctly, your car starts when a signal from the transponder key is received by the ignition. However, the following are some signs to recognize that your chip key is failing.

3 Indications that Your Transponder Key is Failing

1. Doors Won’t Lock or Unlock

When your transponder key begins to fail, you will likely experience difficulties locking and unlocking your door remotely or with your key. Since most cars today don’t have keyholes on the outside, you need your chip key to work properly so you can enter and exit your vehicle. If you start having these issues, take your key to the nearest locksmith for a replacement.

2. Engine Won’t Start Right Away 

chip keyThe chip key sends a signal to the engine with information about the serial number; if that number matches the computer system, the engine will start. This is how manufacturers have deterred car theft by making it difficult to get the serial number signal with a simple duplication of the key. However, if you have the right key, and the engine still won’t start, then the transponder key needs to be replaced.

3. The Key Won’t Turn

If your key has been getting stuck in the ignition, this can be a sign that your transponder might be dying. You might still be able to lock and unlock your doors, but if the chip key isn’t able to send a signal to the engine, you still won’t be able to start the car. Getting a new key will also ensure that your vehicle’s immobilizer and anti-theft system continues to function properly.


If you’re experiencing problems with your car’s chip key, bring it to Black’s Hardware in Rochester, NY. They also have a variety of painting appliances, car repair parts, electrical supplies, and tools. To speak to a friendly staff member today, call (585) 544-9896 or visit their website for a complete list of inventory items.

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