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4 Ideas for Your Dream Home Wish List December 2, 2019

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
4 Ideas for Your Dream Home Wish List, O'Fallon, Missouri

Whether it’s a modern kitchen with energy-efficient appliances or an inviting outside deck, you probably have a preferred list of amenities for your dream home. You can typically categorize these features as “required,” “desired,” and “hoped for.” If you’re looking to buy a house, here are a few fun and practical ideas to make that new dwelling the one you’ve always visualized.

4 Dream Home Wish List Ideas

1. Kitchen Island

Because of the many functions it provides, a kitchen island is a requirement on many lists. From additional space for grills and sinks to cabinets and drawers, this feature sets the tone for a kitchen’s overall decor. You can also design the island’s countertop with a variety of beautiful materials such as granite, marble, and stainless steel. For many families, it is a favorite gathering spot for cooking preparation, quick meals, and keeping an eye on the kids as they do homework.

2. Outdoor Deck

buy a houseFor those looking to buy a house, a backyard deck is another desired amenity for year-round enjoyment. This open space provides an environment for summer grilling, intimate evening dinners, and family parties. Outdoor furniture can mimic styles inside the home, with the added feature of stronger and more durable materials. Decks can also be configured to include coverings that shield the sun’s glare and keep unwanted bugs away.

3. Walk-In Closets

Extra storage space is always a premium. Bedrooms with walk-in closets will capture the attention of those who are looking to buy a house. Those with shelves and room to accommodate large amounts of clothing and shoe racks are especially appealing. Walk-in pantries are another must-have for home shoppers. The additional square footage comes in handy for large families.

4. Energy-Efficient & Smart Appliances

From low-flow toilets to app-controlled ovens, more individuals are seeking appliances that make life easier and reduce energy costs. There are many models available to put users in control with remote access. For example, smart refrigerators provide visuals to let you know if you’re running low on certain items. Washer and dryer combos offer water and temperature settings to deliver budget-friendly conservation without sacrificing clean laundry.


When creating a list of features for your dream home, the possibilities are endless. Since 1999, Christine Williams Realtor-Coldwell Banker Gundaker has helped residents throughout O’Fallon, MO, as well as St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren, and Lincoln Counties,  move into beautiful houses. This experienced real estate agent is committed to locating homes with your required and preferred amenities. If you’re preparing to buy a house, give Christine a call at (314) 882-7050 to get started on your search. You can also go online to view the latest property listings.  

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