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Why Land Grading Is a Professional Job December 2, 2019

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Why Land Grading Is a Professional Job, Bayfield, Wisconsin

One of the most significant tasks during the early stages of construction is land grading, or moving dirt to create a level surface for building. And while grading can seem like a DIY job at first, you should leave it to excavation professionals. Learn why you should always contact an excavating company for land grading below.

3 Reasons to Leave Land Grading to Professionals

1. Possess Equipment & Expertise

Instead of renting expensive excavating equipment yourself, allow trained professionals with access to compact loaders and excavators to streamline the grading process. Excavation teams use these machines to scoop, move, and flatten dirt, and have the experience and knowledge to use the equipment correctly. You’ll save money on rentals, labor, and grading redos.

Excavation professionals also address any grading regulations for your residential or commercial property. For example, if your property is near a public park or school, you may need to follow special guidelines.

2. Avoid Drainage Problems

excavatingProfessional grading ensures your property and surrounding land won’t be subject to drainage issues. If a foundation is on an uneven surface or ground that slopes inward, the building will be vulnerable to flooding because rainwater and melting snow don’t flow away from it. The foundation can crack, the basement can flood, and the house may even become structurally unstable because the underlying dirt is uneven and saturated.

Improper drainage also impacts surrounding vegetation. Gardens subject to standing water instead of well-draining soil become water-logged and develop root rot, resulting in premature plant death.

3. Control Erosion

Grading professionals not only ensure that water drains away from your home or commercial building, but they also help limit erosion. Excavation contractors know how to create vegetation buffer zones that prevent soil from exiting your property during storms and adding to silt in local waterways. Proper erosion control avoids the need for dirt and soil refills, saving you money. It also protects plants from erosion damage.


Allow the excavation contractors at C & W Trucking to handle your land grading project. The fully-insured company in Bayfield, WI, has served the region since 1968, offering sand, gravel, excavating, grading, and dump truck services. Call (715) 779­-5628 today to schedule an appointment, visit the website for more information about their services, and follow the company on Facebook for more advice.

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