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4 Ways to Combat Dry Air This Winter December 2, 2019

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4 Ways to Combat Dry Air This Winter, West Crossett, Arkansas

While heat keeps the cold at bay, it has a tendency to dry out the air. This lack of moisture can damage your skin and cause respiratory issues to develop. With a little ingenuity, though, you can easily combat the dryness and increase comfort levels. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Manage Dry Winter Air

1. Boil Water

Set a pot of water on the stove and leave it to boil. The steam it produces will increase humidity and keep the air from completely drying out.

heatDepending on the size, you may have to top off the water at least once an hour in order to maintain a consistent amount of steam. Only use this method when you’re in the room to prevent a fire hazard.

2. Install Humidifiers

Moisture is key to preventing dust from becoming airborne. If heat is drying out the air, even a minor disturbance could increase respiratory issues. 

Install a humidifier in the upper and lower levels of the house. The additional water vapor will reduce the number of airborne particles and increase the breathability of the air throughout your home.

3. Air-Dry Clothes

Save energy by stringing up a line to hang your clothes instead of putting them through the dryer. Moisture will evaporate from the fabrics as they dry and infiltrate the atmosphere.

Make sure to leave the clothes in an open space. Closing them off in a dark corner of the house will only result in a musty odor.

4. Fill Saucers

If you have radiators in the home, place one or two saucers along the top. Fill each with water to just under the rim. The heat coming from underneath will speed up the evaporation process and add moisture to the air.


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