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3 Ways Ice Makes a Cracked Foundation Worse November 27, 2019

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3 Ways Ice Makes a Cracked Foundation Worse, Norwood, Ohio

Winter brings many different problems for homeowners, but for anyone with a cracked foundation, it’s an especially problematic time of the year. For many reasons, ice can cause damage to the foundation or exasperate any issues that are already there. That’s why foundation waterproofing company professionals recommend understanding what threats it poses so that you can keep your home protected.

Why Ice is Dangerous for Cracked Foundations

1. Ice Heaving

This is caused by small plates of ice, called ice lenses, that form a foot or more below the ground’s surface. They grow by drawing water from the surrounding soil through capillary action, and as this new moisture freezes, it causes the ice lens to swell, typically from a quarter to 2 inches thick and several feet long. This freezing forces the soil to move upwards, which rattles the foundation and forces any preexisting cracks to grow larger.

2. Water Runoff

Cracked FoundationWhen the ice melts, it exposes the home to excessive soil erosion. This is an even bigger concern if the home’s gutter system is blocked or not positioned correctly. As the extra water melts, it causes the ground to shift. This leads to the foundation repositioning itself, and if there’s a crack already present, it causes it to grow larger.

3. Freeze-Thaw Cycle

This issue happens when the weather rises above freezing temperatures during the day before dipping back below during the night, and it’s a major problem for a cracked foundation. When the moisture is in liquid form, it’s able to infiltrate the foundation and find its way into the cracks that are present. Once it drops below freezing, this moisture turns into ice and expands within the crack, causing any damage to spread until crack repair services are performed.


If your home has a cracked foundation, make sure it stays protected during the winter months by scheduling foundation crack repairs with the experts at Reliable Crack Injection in Cincinnati, OH. Founded by a Cincinnati native over ten years ago, they’ve helped local homeowners with cracked foundation and leaky basements. They’ll repair any cracks in your foundation and provide foundation and basement waterproofing to prevent further issues with ice. Schedule an appointment by calling (513) 369-4366 or to learn more, check them out online.
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