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3 Ways to Help Seniors Downsize for Apartment Living November 27, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Ways to Help Seniors Downsize for Apartment Living, Cookeville, Tennessee

For those on a fixed income, such as an elderly relative, apartment living provides a host of benefits. Renting also eliminates physically demanding chores, including yard work and home maintenance. However, before you can move your elderly parent into an apartment, you'll have to help them downsize. Thankfully, doing so will be easy if you follow a few simple tips.

How Can You Help Your Loved One Downsize?

1. Divide Everything Into Categories

When going through your parent's belongings, divide them into just four categories: move, sell, donate, and toss. You'll notice there's no "maybe" category, as the key to efficiently downsizing is making definitive decisions at every stage. Should you allow a "maybe" pile, it'll inevitably accumulate countless items, all of which will have to be packed up or passed over anyway.

2. Use It as a Bonding Experience

apartmentDownsizing is an inherently emotional process, especially for seniors who have had some of their belongings for decades. Thankfully, you can make the process more enjoyable by using it as an excuse to reminisce. Allocate a considerable amount of time for cleaning and packing up so your parents will have the chance to talk about all of their most meaningful belongings. It may take a little longer, but it'll provide a sense of closure as you go.

3. Create a Detailed Floor Plan

Chances are your parents will lose quite a bit of space in the move. For example, their new apartment may not have an attic, garage, guest room, or basement. As such, you'll have to find a way to fit everything that these rooms contain in the new place. To do so, start by drawing a floor plan of the apartment. Then, see how all of the biggest items, such as pieces of furniture, will fit in the new arrangement. This should provide a clear idea of just how much you need to get rid of before the move.


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