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How to Help Your Dog Love Water November 25, 2019

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How to Help Your Dog Love Water, Royse City, Texas

Not all dogs naturally take to water right away. However, spending the time to teach your pup how to swim and how to enjoy water is necessary if you frequent the pool or ocean often. It's also a perfect way for them to get some exercise and mental stimulation, as well as to make them less scared at bath time. Use this guide to help your furry friend learn to love water—no matter if they are at the lake or at the swimming pool at doggy day care

How to Introduce a Dog to Water

Before taking your dog to the ocean or dropping them off at doggy day care with a pool, get them used to a calmer, more shallow body of water. Buy a kiddie pool or visit a local dog park with a small pond or river. The dog should be able to comfortably stand with their head above the water.

Come prepared to get wet. If your dog sees that the water bothers you, they will also feel nervous or scared about going in. 

How to Teach a Dog to Swim

doggy day careAfter making sure your pup is relaxed in shallow water, it's time to move on to a deeper location. Look for a doggy day care or another dog-friendly swimming pool, where you can help them adjust to swimming without currents, waves, and boats altering the water conditions. 

Before heading into the water, put a life vest on your pet. Consider putting a leash on them as well to make the process easier. Head into the pool at the shallow end. If there are steps, let them walk in on their own.

Most dogs will start to paddle instinctively, but you can keep a hold on them as they figure out how to move their limbs. If they start to panic or try to climb on you, don't leave the shallow zone. Know that you might need to help them out of the pool. 

It's normal for dogs that don't naturally swim to need a few attempts to get used to the water. Just stay with them so they can adjust to the situation. Also, bring their favorite ball or another toy that will float. Playing will encourage them to swim. 


After your dog becomes a water lover, ensure they can swim to their heart's delight by signing them up for doggy day care at JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs. This 9-acre facility provides short- and long-term pet boarding, dog training, and day care services to those in Royse City, TX, and the surrounding Dallas suburbs. Their country setting features two swimming pools and plenty of space for your pup to run and play. Call them today at (972) 636-9494 to schedule the best pick-up and drop-off times. Visit their website to learn more about pricing.

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