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3 Tips for Dining Out With Your Kids December 11, 2019

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Tips for Dining Out With Your Kids, Bronx, New York

Eating at a restaurant gives your family an opportunity to relax and enjoy a meal without having to worry about cooking and cleaning up. It can also help your kids learn how to behave in public and practice their social skills. However, many parents worry that an unfamiliar environment could affect their children's behavior. The following tips will help your whole family enjoy a smooth dining experience.

How to Ensure a Good Family Experience in a Restaurant

1. Pack an Entertainment Bag

If the restaurant you'll be dining at doesn't have crayons or menus to color on, you'll want to have something to keep your child occupied while you wait. Consider bringing small toys, books, or a few blocks—whatever your child will find entertaining that won't make a mess or create a lot of noise.

2. Order Their Food First

RestaurantIf you know what your child wants when you come in, order it as soon as you sit down. The less time they have to idle, the less of a chance there is of an outburst. Additionally, kids tend to eat slower than adults, and getting their food early gives it a chance to cool off.

3. Bring Snacks

In case your child gets hungry before the food arrives, bring small and pre-portioned snacks such as a few crackers or a handful of grapes. This will take the edge off the hunger—which can lead to unruly behavior—but it won't fill them up before their food arrives.


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