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New Leaf Homes Recommends Universal Features When You Want to Build a Home October 5, 2015

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New Leaf Homes Recommends Universal Features When You Want to Build a Home, Rockford, Illinois

When it comes to building a new home, there is a seemingly endless list of things to consider. What is your budget? What size home do you need? What type of home will work best both now and in the future? Answering these questions on your own isn’t easy, and if you’re looking for guidance, look no further than New Leaf Homes, a woman-owned construction company dedicated to being the premier custom home builders in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

These new construction experts know that no one can anticipate everything that the future will bring. Instead of incorporating features that may work well for you now but not in the future, these professionals suggest including universal design features that could work for everyone both now and in the future.

If you’re not sure what features to consider in a universal design, check out the following suggestions from New Leaf Homes:

  • Consider Safety: You may be healthy and mobile now, but mishaps can happen and safety is important for young couples, growing families, and established homes.
  • Focus on Accessibility: Wider doors and hallways, handles instead of knobs, and level floors can all help make your home more universally friendly for any life situation and family.
  • Keep It Natural: Natural lighting, long-lasting natural products, and neutral colors are much more likely to suit a wide-range of families and life stages.
  • Remember Details: Small details can make a large difference in the long run. Don’t forget to install shower organizers, additional cabinets, extra closets, and add all those small touches that transform a house into a home.

While building a custom home that perfectly suits your immediate needs seems like a great idea, it’s an even better idea to build a home that suits your immediate needs and can also accommodate your future lifestyle. New Leaf Homes can walk you through the entire process to help you design a home that is perfect for now and the future. For more information and a free quote, call (815) 977-5753 or visit their website.

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