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Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips for Winter December 13, 2019

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Top 3 Roof Maintenance Tips for Winter, Fairbanks, Alaska

Winter weather can take a toll on your roof. High winds can tear off roof shingles, and ice dams can cause serious leaks. To help you avoid expensive problems, below are some roof maintenance tips for winter.

3 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

1. Trim Back Tree Branches

One of the most common causes of winter roof damage occurs when buffeting winds cause nearby tree branches to pummel the house. Whipping branches can loosen roof shingles and dent aluminum flashings. Even a constant, gentle breeze can, over time, cause nearby trees to drop their leaves, which can attract pests and lead to mold and further damage. To prevent this, trim back branches that overhang your house. This will minimize siding damage, as well.

2. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves trap snowmelt, which freezes in the gutters and worsens the clog. As water continues to collect in the gutter and refreeze, an ice dam can eventually form. Ice dams not only create heavy, dangerous icicles, but the ice can work its way beneath your shingles, causing the roof deck to rot and putting your house at risk of leaks. All this can be prevented by clearing out the gutters regularly.

3. Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roof shinglesIf it's been a few years or more since you've had your roof inspected, contact a roofing contractor for an inspection. They'll investigate the state of your roof shingles, make sure the flashing around your chimney is sound, and evaluate the integrity of your roof decking. Annual roof inspections help you circumvent expensive leaks and other problems that can arise. 


If you need assistance with roof repairs or a roof replacement, contact Fairbanks Roofing. This locally owned roofing contractor has served clients throughout the Fairbanks North Star Borough of Alaska for more than 30 years. They also specialize in gutters and downspouts to help you manage drainage to prevent future structural damage. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call (907) 474-9402 to schedule an appointment.

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