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4 Tips to Care for Your Lawn Through the Winter November 25, 2019

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4 Tips to Care for Your Lawn Through the Winter, Berrett, Maryland

As the cooler weather approaches, you may think your lawn maintenance chores are coming to an end. However, there is still much you will need to do to prepare your lawn for the winter months. Taking the time to follow the tips listed below will help you ensure your grass looks healthy and vibrant in the spring.

4 Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

1. Continue Fertilizing

During the spring and summer, your landscaping crew uses fertilizer to help your grass grow strong and healthy. Your lawn should still be treated with fertilizer into the fall and winter months until the temperature starts dipping below 50 F. This will help the grass stay green throughout the winter, and it will ensure your lawn grows dense, lush green grass as the warmer weather returns.

2. Keep Mowing

Lawn MaintenanceWhile you might be tempted to discontinue your lawn care services early, continue to mow the lawn well into the fall. Keeping it short will benefit you in the spring, and it will also protect your lawn from the smothering fall leaves. When you mow in the fall, the chopped up leaves will act as a natural mulch without forming a smothering barrier. You should continue your regular mowing schedule until the ground freezes and the grass has stopped growing.

3. Eliminate Weeds 

It’s important to make sure your lawn is properly weeded before the first snowfall. As the temperature drops to around 50 degrees, the ideal growth conditions will promote crabgrass, creeping Charlie, dandelion, and other types of unwanted weed growth. This makes weeding an essential part of your fall lawn maintenance tasks. Having individual weeds pulled, or treating a problem area with a quality herbicide in the fall, will ensure healthier grass growth in the spring.

4. Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn will ensure it has access to the sunlight, air, water, and environmental nutrients it will need to thrive and grow in the spring. Lawns that are not properly aerated in the fall are more susceptible to thatch growth, which attracts disease and insect infestations. When the ground is moist, but not overly saturated, your landscapers can use lawn plugs to replace portions of the soil, so the ground will have access to the nutrients it needs. The plugs will naturally decompose over time.



Fall isn’t the time to abandon lawn maintenance and there are several tasks that will help you protect your grass through the harsh winter. Located in Sykesville, MD, Myers Lawn Care Services offers the winter preparation services you need to keep your grass healthy and safe through freezing temperatures. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (443) 398-2960.

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