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How Potholes Develop on Driveways November 27, 2019

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How Potholes Develop on Driveways, East Earl, Pennsylvania

Asphalt surfaces are durable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Many homeowners opt for this material when constructing their driveways. Over time, however, the area may begin to show signs of wear, including potholes. To help you avoid this issue, this guide will break down how these holes develop and what services prevent them. 

Types of Damage on Asphalt

There are several kinds of driveway cracks. Fatigue cracking resembles the scales on an alligator, and is a more widespread type of damage that can happen when too much stress is placed on the asphalt over time. Block cracks are large fissures that occur over wide swaths of the surface. They usually occur as a result of natural freeze-and-thaw cycles.

Any opening in the asphalt invites moisture inside, where it then freezes in the winter. When water thaws, the cracks expand and have the potential to grow deeper. If the base layer isn’t thick enough, or if cracks are not repaired promptly, potholes will develop from the deepening fissures. 

How to Prevent Potholes

East Earl, PA drivewaysThe first step is to monitor the condition of your driveway. Have an asphalt paving company perform repairs promptly to avoid deeper cracks and widespread damage. If the problem reoccurs, the professional may investigate the sub-base layer of the driveway to ensure the installation was performed correctly. 

You should also have them perform sealcoating approximately two years after the initial installation. This will preserve the appearance of the surface, protect it from the elements, and stop cracks from growing larger and spreading.

Homeowners throughout East Earl, PA, trust the professionals at Lyons & Hohl Paving for all of their asphalt paving needs. The company offers a variety of services, including sealcoating, black top repairs, and residential paving. They also serve commercial and industrial clients. Visit their website to find out more about how they assist with driveway repairs, or give them a call at (717) 355-9219 to request a quote.

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