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4 Types of Building Foundations November 29, 2019

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4 Types of Building Foundations, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or repair an existing home’s damaged foundation, doing your research is the first step. How do you know where to start? General contractors know that the foundation of your home is an essential part of the structure, but there are many different types of foundations. Here is a brief overview of the main types.

Most Common Types of Foundations

1. Pier Foundation

The pier foundation is made of multiple wood or steel posts that are inserted into the ground and provide basic support for the building’s structure. This system is often used for commercial buildings and is one of the most durable foundation options, but it can be more expensive.


2. Crawl Space Foundation

Where the groundwater levels are high, a crawl space foundation may be the best option. This is another durable foundation type where the building is situated on raised pylons. This is an energy-efficient option for southern regions that experience a lot of hot weather, but less practical for colder climates.

3. Concrete Slab Foundation

The concrete slab is one of the more common foundation types, and it is made of a simple slab of concrete that is reinforced with steel and has a drainage system. This is the cheapest and fastest foundation solution and is resistant to mold and termites. However, it is prone to structural damage.

4. Basement Foundation

A basement foundation starts with excavating the area where the building will be situated, at least 8 feet deep. Pillars are inserted around the perimeter of the excavated area, and the building is built on top of that. The basement foundation comes with many advantages, including added square footage and ventilation, but any general contractor will be able to tell you it’s one of the more expensive options.


From excavation to the final beautiful touches, Up North Builders, based in International Falls, MN, is a residential and commercial general contractor that can make your dreams become a reality. They are licensed, experienced, highly reliable, and can verify that you have the foundation you need. Call them today at (218) 285-3635 or visit their website to learn more.

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