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3 Small Businesses That Benefit from Self-Storage December 12, 2019

Wilmington, New Hanover
3 Small Businesses That Benefit from Self-Storage, Wilmington, North Carolina

Self-storage facilities can be enormously useful to small business owners. The extra space can make all the difference to a growing company that doesn’t currently have the real estate to store its stock and equipment. Here are three types of small businesses that can benefit from renting a storage unit.

Which Small Businesses Should Rent Storage?

1. Retail Businesses

Small business owners who run retail operations may not have the overhead to invest in a large storefront right away. In the meantime, a storage space serves as a practical space to hold additional stock, paperwork, furniture, and equipment that might not comfortably fit in the store or its stockroom.

2. Sales Representatives

Leland, NC self-storageSales representatives who typically travel from one client’s office to another typically need sufficient room to store boxes full of promotional samples and marketing materials. A self-storage unit serves as a practical alternative to a room inside the home, which could quickly grow cluttered with boxes full of items. Storage units are also ideal areas to store items that professionals use during local events, like folding tables, chairs, and tents.

3. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals across the board can benefit from self-storage spaces. It’s easy to amass a large collection of paperwork in a short period of time, especially if you run a traditional operation and haven’t quite transitioned to full digital storage. Everything has its place, from patient records to files and other important documents, and putting them into a storage rental is an easy way to ensure that they remain safe and don’t create clutter in a compact office. This also helps contribute to a more open and inviting space for patients.



Small business owners throughout Leland, NC, can trust in the professionals at Leland Self Storage to provide spacious, climate-controlled storage units for all of their needs. Whether you’re seeking a temporary self-storage space or a long-term unit while you establish your business, you can trust the company to supply the perfect size. Visit the website for information, or call them at (910) 399-4719 to speak with a member of the team.